Music for People Seminar

"The awakening of the inner sound, spring music!"

05 - 10 April 2024

Seminar House Herzberg near Aarau, Switzerland


With Mary Knysh, Alexander Merz and Anna Eichenberger

«The awakening of the inner sound, spring music!»

Drawing: Linda Graedel
Drawing: Linda Graedel


When spring approaches, it is quiet, you can smell it and the buds reveal the hidden potential that lies within them. In this course we dedicate ourselves to the delicate potential of our inner sounds, which we coax out by listening in order to express them vocally, instrumentally and physically. When the sounds awaken in this way, solos, duets and entire symphonies of interaction emerge, which are, as always, unique in improvisation.


This 5-day seminar is designed for anyone interested in music who would like to explore this theme, among others.  The course can be attended on its own and is taught through the holistic approach of Music for People. It will be fully credited for MLP continuing education participants. Previous musical experience is welcome, but not required. 


The course will be facilitated by Mary Knysh and Alexander Merz. Both are experienced Music for People instructors and have been working intensively for years on how to teach music improvisation.


In addition to co-leading, Anna Eichenberger is responsible for the administration and accompanies continuing education participants. She has been part of the teaching team since 2018. 


Course moderators: Mary Knysh, Alexander Merz, Anna Eichenberger

Course times: Friday April 5th, 6:00pm to Wedensday April 10th, 1:30pm.

Course fees: sfr 775.- / Members MfPE sfr 725.-  


Please reserve your own room:

Herzberg: room rates and reservation (Fr 360.- to 750.- full board)



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