Music, an intuitive path!

Since 1988 the non-profit organisation “Music for People” has been organising and coordinating workshops and music improvising events for people, who want to develop and share free music making and singing.

Music for People was founded in 1986 by the Cellist David Darling (1941 -2021*) and the flautist Bonnie Insull. They created new ways of perceiving, expressing and sharing music. Man and music are integral to the Philosophy of Music for People.


An artistic attitude of respect, gaiety, humour and being in the present moment has been established over the years. This attitude encourages musical initiative and cherishes the devotion to music as a result of it.


Music for people is a platform for experienced musicians and non - professional music lovers to meet, share their love to music, learn from each other and deepen their ability to play music freely.


From this protected environment of tolerance there can evolve a creative space which opens up an intuitive access to mutual music making, improvising and developing a personal musical expression.


Music for People is for all those who want to embark on this wonderful journey


  • Laughing and letting go helps to arrive in the present moment and invites you and your teammates to relax
  • Release everything before you play
  • Be amazed by the present moment
  • It’s you! It’s all about you and your counterpart(s)
  • Relax and enjoy your uniqueness, your music making and your being
  • Silence is your friend
  • There are no wrong notes. All notes in the universe are natural and equal. They coexist in harmony or dissonance.
  • Keep your playing as simple as possible and trust in what you are doing
  • Play and listen as deeply and profoundly as possible
  • Enhance your abilities, broaden your musical experience with your voice and instrument(s)
  • Fully devote yourself to the musicians you listen to 
"return to child"
"return to child"

Everbody is able and free to express him - or herself in music


  • Every human being has the right to express him- or herself musically and artistically and to feel good about it.
  • Music as a means for communication should be accessible for everybody.
  • Everyone has his very own way of musical expression.
  • Using our natural and multifaceted voice lends our musical interaction depth and strength
  • Expressing feelings with your playing will make music meaningful.
  • Playing authentically means involving your body into the process.
  • All musical traditions and forms on the planet are worth being recognised
  • There are no boundaries for people interacting with their various instruments
  • Musicality in the sense of musical experience is achievable for everybody practising and experiencing.
  • Music improvisation invites us to follow our intuition and helps us to develop ourselves.
  • In music making, we express ourselves mindfully and responsibly