Musicianship and Leadership Program

The Training lets you deepen your understanding of the philosophy and artistic attitude of Music for People 

The trainees learn various musical basics and ways of interplay which support intuitive music making and qualify for leading groups following the method of Music for People


The exercises take the level of experience of the participants into consideration. The educational objectives will be set individually together with the mentor and the training managers

Music for People invites you to engage in an integral process

Target Group -> it's you!

The training is for people who want to get involved into and share a personal musical and artistic process. They can be music novices, amateur musicians and professional musicians from a broader musical context. 

"Find your groove"

Contents of the training

  • Develop your own way of musical expression
  • Free music making with your own instrument an your voice
  • Joyful performing of music together, free of the pressure to perform. and without sheet music
  • Musical communication, grant and claim space.
  • Listen actively
  • Create musical spaces between sound and silence
  • Music and movement
  • Learn simple forms of improvisation and ideas for games
  • Elementary experience of rhythm, harmony and melody
  • Learn to lead a group
  • Find an attitude which conveys confidence and empathy when working with single people or groups 
"Music is moment"

Training structure

You can choose your individual training yourself. Music for People has developed various teaching materials which you can choose from.


The modules are designed to be learned individually at home and in the seminars. We recommend to take part in regional groups and let Music for People elements be part of your own field of practise.


Taking into account the individual requirements of the participants, you can discuss your training priorities with the teaching staff and adapt your training objectives according to you musical experience.


The seminars and workshops enable you to share your progress and questions with group leaders, your mentor and other participants and to get and give feedback 

At the same time, you receive new stimulus for your next steps. 


  • Independent practising
  • Acquire fundamental musical skills of the Musicianship Program
  • 3 modules


  • Follow a student
  • Further deepening of the Musicanship und Leadership Program
  • Lead groups within the training
  • 6 modules in total


  • Follow the mentors and trainees
  • Own project
  • Start own group
  • 9 modules in total

Effort and costs

A five day seminar in spring and in summer, plus a weekend workshop in autumn and winter


The seminars are one module where as the workshops count as half a module.


You graduate after completing 9 modules, the handing in of a self-assessment of your performance and the realisation of a final project. You will then be qualified to lead music improvisation groups


A Music for People training costs from 600.- to 800.- Swiss Francs, not including expenses for travel and accommodation. Exact figures are to be found on the website of the Kientalerhof. You can apply here. (back)