The exploratorium berlin was founded in May 2004 and devotes itself solely to the subject of music improvisation. They focus on promoting a multi-faceted culture of active improvisation which explores the potential and particularities of this form of music making in the most diverse ways.

The WIM Bern is an integral part of the contemporary music life in Bern and surroundings, promoting concerts, festivals, workshops and various other projects. It is a laboratory for new music in the field of improvisation and it provides an insight into the manifold processes of creating music.

The name „Workshop for improvised music“ reflects it’s mission. The workshop as a meeting place provides space and the necessary infrastructure for the creation of music 

The “Forum für improvisierte Musik” (“FIM“) is an independent cultural association which promotes improvised music as an independent art and improvised dance and performance in connection with other art forms (literature, poetry, fine arts, conceptual arts) in Basel and surroundings

The association „Klangkeller“ devotes itself to nature and overtone music, mantra singing or meditative sound improvisation. It is a space for individual concerts with guest musicians, readings and lectures and offers courses in overtone singing, “listen and play”. Furthermore, it offers sound healing sessions or lessons for individuals. Situated in the most peaceful streets of the old town of Bern, it is a location where various musical events take place on a regular basis.

Drupad Sound Yoga: Indian music and Mantra chanting: concerts and teachings on the base of Dhrupadmusic, oldclassical Northindian music. Authentic and innovativ, in Zürich, Switzerland.