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Since 1988 the non-profit organisation “Music for People” in the USA has been organising and coordinating workshops and music improvising events for people, who want to develop and share free music making and singing


Music for People was founded in 1986 by the Cellist David Darling and the flautist Bonnie Insull. They created new ways of perceiving, expressing and sharing music. Man and music are integral to the Philosophy of Music for People.


An artistic attitude of respect, gaiety, humour and being in the present moment has been established over the years. This attitude encourages musical initiative and cherishes the devotion to music as a result of it.


Music for people is a platform for experienced musicians and non-professional music lovers to meet, share their love to music, learn from each other and deepen their ability to play music freely.


From this protected environment of tolerance there can evolve a creative space which opens up an intuitive access to mutual music making, improvising and developing a personal musical expression.


Music for People is for all those who want to embark on this wonderful journey.

MLP Herbst Seminar 9.-10. Oktober 2020

Das Herbst Seminar bietet einen idealen Raum, während eines Wochenendes die Philosophie und die Musikformen von Music for People, Return to Child, gemeinsam zu geniessen. Music for People wurde von David Darling (Grammy Winner 2010) mitbegründet. Das Seminar wird von Alexander Merz (Posaune) und Mike Horwitz (Fagott und Gitarren) geleitet. 

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Grundlagen der Improvisation 20. -22. 11.2020

Der Kurs zum gleichnamigen Buch

auf dem Herzberg

  • Techniken und Formen kennen lernen und anwenden
  • Improvisation als Lernform - Neues entdecken
  • Achtsam zusammen musizieren, gemeinsam Erfahrungen sammeln und austauschen 


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Musik und Klang gemeinsam erleben

in Kooperation mit dem Klangkeller und Music for People
mit Patrick Frey und Matthias Rauh


Montag  7. September 2020 - 19:30
Erde - Rhythmus und Stand

Montag 2. November 2020 19:30 Uhr
Wasser – Einfühlen und Improvisieren

Montag 7. Dezember 2020 19:30 Uhr
Die Vier Elemente als Ganzes – Jahresabschluss

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Spiellust - spontan zusammen musizieren

Veranstaltung zur Filmpremiere 

Lichtspiel Bern 31.10.2020 um 14 Uhr

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Kurse Dänemark und Spanien

Es entstehen derzeit verschiedene neue Projekte in Dänemark, Spanien und Deutschland. 

Aktuelle Kurse:

Dänemark in der Nähe von Aarhus 27. - 29. März 2020 Anfragen und Vermittlung 

Spanien, Madrid Musikschule El Corazon 24. - 26. April 2020 Anmeldung

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Impro Flash Mob Music for People Europe

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Community Art (en/d)

The term Community Art includes all kinds of artistic media and groups, i.e. communities in which artistic processes take place and works are created.

By means of Community Art projects experienced artists are able to share their approach to art in a democratic way with people who otherwise would not have access to music, dance or the fine arts because they might not have the necessary financial means, or they might be living in special social or spatial situations.


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Living the Dream - Lynn Miller - Phoenixville

Music that is moving and touching, holds a power within to stimulate, connect and highlight communities. 2004 Lynn Miller started a fascinating initiative, a community project in Phoenixville: she founded the Firebird Festival which is held annually. Music is played an danced at this festival and it ends with an improv orchestra in the old city cinema, the Colonial Theatre.

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«Das Chaos lieben»


Stefan Schmutz and I met four years ago at MLP’s summer seminar in Kientalerhof. He told me about his music theatre projects with mentally disabled people. The following winter I bought tickets for their performance in the dojo of the Reitschule Bern. The theatre group “Just a Moment” by the parents association insieme, under leadership of Irmgard Eggel and Stefan Schmutz, was performing their piece «Schöner Gigolo – beau Gigolo» (“Beautiful Gigolo”).

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Improvisation und Abschluss / Improvisation and closure


What does «finding closure» mean? «Improvisation sometimes leads to wonderful closures that are so clear and natural, as if composed. However, groups often find it difficult to find a common, natural ending. Some group improvisations seem «frayed» because there’s no agreement on when to end it.»


Bernhard Maurer’s (Grundlagen der Improvisation – Basics of improvisation, 2018) description of what to pay attention to when «coming to a closure» is pretty spot on:

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